Saturday, November 08, 2008

Welcome *Expat Blog* Readers

Welcome to my blog. Recently learned that the *Expat Blog* had picked From Russia with Love to be their STAR for November. So here's to 15 minutes - make that 15 sentences - of fame.  I am thrilled to represent the many fine blogs written by expatriates.  I mean, the new logo and the limelight - it's right up there with being crowned homecoming queen.  Not that I've ever been there. Not yet! 

Anyway, visit the Expat Blog site, click on Blog of the Month and there's the whole scoop. Including a fun photo taken last month at the Swallow's Nest in Yalta. With a big eagle perched on my shoulder. So welcome to my blog. It's my privilege to offer you a glimpse into life in Russia. . . and now Ukraine.


~~anna~~ said...

Greetings from the Dominican Republic. I originally noticed your blog listed on Charity's. On occasion I have read your blog and truly enjoyed it. Hope you don't mind me posting to yours.

My husband, Bob, and I are members of the church where Charity's husband, Danny, is the pastor. But, we are fulltime medical evangelists in the Dominican Republic.

Feel free to visit my blog if you have time.
Dios te bendiga!

~~anna~~ said...

oops! mt blog:

Alida said...


Jeanette said...

A well-deserved honor.

I'm a fan!