Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hey, Hey Baby!

Come on in, we're doing fine. . . this time of night it's party potty time! At a local orphanage, the evening routine calls for sitting and taking care of business.

It's a bonding time in a way. Mostly male bonding. . . although there are three young ladies present.

Just like at a Super Bowl party, some people get rather emotional at a potty party. Others are in a zombie mode.

There's laughter and there's tears. There's congratulations for a job well done.

Ladies and gentlemen, please come to order. Please take your seats and give me your undivided attention. Word on the street has it that things get out of control in here at potty time. And that must come to a stop.

Please sit on your assigned seat. Each of you is responsible for your own work. You must not disturb your neighbor. Do we understand each other? Great, now let's get down to business. On your mark. Get set. GO!

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David said...

On a mission trip to Belarus, someone shared this poem:

When I was a wee wee tot,
the took me from my warm warm cot,
and put me on a cold cold pot,
and told me, 'Go! need to or not!'