Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got Milk? Get Milk! But BYOB

Sunday morning walking to the bus stop I happened upon this queue.  I shouldn't have been surprised.  I remembered a line in the same spot in December, last time I was in Kharkov.

The yellow tank is a milk dispenser. Fresh milk from the country, only 4 grivna a liter, something like 50 cents a quart.

What an orderly group here. Even the stray dog waits in line.  Except he forgot to bring his own bottle. Poor buddy. In the distance is the soldier statue, a landmark in the area, a historic spot where Nazi forces were driven from the city in 1945. In fact the street to the left is The 23 of August Street because that's when it happened. Those soliders, they were so busy fighting for freedom, milk certainly was not on their minds. 

Fresh milk. Have you ever drunk fresh, raw milk? They say without the additives and preservatives it's better for you. What do you think? All I can say is, drink it up fast!

Got Music! Later Sunday afternoon, a friend and I happened upon this street musician. He's playing a traditional instrument called a balalaika. Maybe that's what it's called. See, I should have written it down the word at that very moment. Because,  well . . . when you're over 50, you'll understand why! Anyway, Mr Music said he has been playing this fiddle for only two years. He took it up when he retired.

Then last night at the metro, this sign jumped out at me as we were waiting for the train. It's Mordison Wedding Agency. You can get yourself a husband in Europe, the USA or Canada. The red cursive writing says, We want you to be happy! So there are the phone numbers. The package includes a studio photo, internet access and translation services. Talk about service.

Surely there's no connection between the name of the agency, Mordinson, and the word mordant, meaning cutting and sarcastic, the dictionary tells me. Surely not.

So there we have it, dear friends - Get milk! Get music! Get married! It's simply that easy here in Kharkov, Ukraine. We just want for you to be happy!


Charity said...

I just "caught up" on your last few posts and really enjoyed reading them, as always. I found your article on Auschwitz especially riveting.

That sign is comical, in a sad kind of way. We know of 2 different American men who have "sent away" for Russian brides, so . . . why not the inverse, eh?

Eileen said...

Hey Charity, good to hear from you. Thanks for your comments and appreciate the feedback about the Auschwitz story. It was something to be there...I'd like to return and - seems like second time around, always absorb more information.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Oh, have to tell you that last week spent a lot of time with a little 3-year-old Malachi. This is a family in Kharkov on the church-planting team there. All very special folks. I told them about you and your Malachi. (I think I'm mispelling this!) Chi is a nickname they use too. =) We had fun singing My Little Puppy together. ...

Richard said...

Mordinson is a surname :-))) it's a family owned dating agency

Eileen said...

Richard, I agree. Absolutely Mordinson would be a family name.