Friday, June 25, 2010

Super Power Presidents Get Hungry Too

As you know, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev is in the US and getting the full dose of Americana.

A hamburger lunch is requisite, of course. Fun to see the presidents ordering lunch and interacting at this little mom-n-pop place in Washington D.C . President Medvedev offered to pay for lunch in English, good for him. Soon translator(s) joined them at the table but still his English would be miles ahead of President Obama's Russian. Still, Mr Obama earned a gold star for his efforts. During a joint press conference yesterday, sounded as though the president greeted all with a Russian Dobri dyen, or good day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The White Nights of St Petersburg

Congratulations on the White Nights of summer! Tonight in St Petersburg, the sun sets at 11:25 - that's just 10 minutes from now! It's the longest day of the year ~ in the northern hemisphere, that is.

Here in Rostov-on-Don, we're 1000 miles south of St Petersburg, as I recall, and our sun is loooong set already, at 9:20, in fact. Say, dear blog reader, have you ever been so far north in the summer? How about in St Petersburg? Do share, please do!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Sister for Savannah: An Adoption Story

Fairly often, I'm allowed a glimpse at something heroic, the adoption of a child. (Blog still in progress ~ watch this space for updates!)

Recently, Debi, a young woman from the Dallas-Fort Worth area came to Rostov to adopt her second child. Debi learned about little Natasha and her special physical challenges. And selected her quite deliberately.

Here's Natasha in action. You see, there's not much stopping her!

All this attention and TLC being lavished on her ~ why little Natasha is just trying to process the very idea.

At the orphanage, Natasha enjoying the big room, reserved especially for holiday programs and visitors. In this case, Natasha's there with her mama!

Debi teaching Natasha how to drink from a cup. Although Natasha is 3 years and 9 months, there are skills she's busy learning, including drinking from something other than a tea cup. (Debi, right or nyet?)

Enjoying the fresh air, bundled up as per local custom, even in May.

Debi came to the Rostov Public Library and talked with our Thursday evening Reading Club. Group members were thrilled to hear the experiences of a foreigner adopting a Russian child and comparing that with Debi's earlier experience of adopting a child from China.

With Nina, 5/31

Yuri's BDay 5/29

at Nina's 5/29

Sun - church 5/30

Sun - church

Rod dom, wide
The evening before Debi and Natasha departed Rostov for Moscow, we visited Hospital #20, where Natasha was born. Here they are in front of Labor and Delivery.

rod dom, close