Monday, June 14, 2010

A Sister for Savannah: An Adoption Story

Fairly often, I'm allowed a glimpse at something heroic, the adoption of a child. (Blog still in progress ~ watch this space for updates!)

Recently, Debi, a young woman from the Dallas-Fort Worth area came to Rostov to adopt her second child. Debi learned about little Natasha and her special physical challenges. And selected her quite deliberately.

Here's Natasha in action. You see, there's not much stopping her!

All this attention and TLC being lavished on her ~ why little Natasha is just trying to process the very idea.

At the orphanage, Natasha enjoying the big room, reserved especially for holiday programs and visitors. In this case, Natasha's there with her mama!

Debi teaching Natasha how to drink from a cup. Although Natasha is 3 years and 9 months, there are skills she's busy learning, including drinking from something other than a tea cup. (Debi, right or nyet?)

Enjoying the fresh air, bundled up as per local custom, even in May.

Debi came to the Rostov Public Library and talked with our Thursday evening Reading Club. Group members were thrilled to hear the experiences of a foreigner adopting a Russian child and comparing that with Debi's earlier experience of adopting a child from China.

With Nina, 5/31

Yuri's BDay 5/29

at Nina's 5/29

Sun - church 5/30

Sun - church

Rod dom, wide
The evening before Debi and Natasha departed Rostov for Moscow, we visited Hospital #20, where Natasha was born. Here they are in front of Labor and Delivery.

rod dom, close




Susan said...

what a beautiful story. Such a cute little girl. Im sure she will flourish in her new family, as my son is now doing in ours. He is home just 10 months from baby home #4. He is blossoming right before our eyes and is not the same little boy we met just a year ago. God bless their family.

Damara said...

Is this baby's home #3? It looks just like where we adopted our beautiful angel from 16 months ago. He also has many many medical issues and we knew from the moment we saw the first picture of him that God had meant for him to make our family complete.

Maynard said...

A beautiful girl from a wonderful place. I love the name Natasha. Children are so special. We wish you and your family the very best!

It brings back memories. Our daughter often goes by Natasha too. We loved the time spent in Rostov-on-Don. The orphanage workers took great care of our daughter and love her dearly. I am thankful for the special people who take care of these wonderful children. I'm thankful for the precious gift they gave to us.

debi roberts said...

hello everybody!
this is debi, the lucky mom of this sweet angel natasha. we have been home ten months and it has been a whirl wind of advocation, over fourten different doctors and specialists.

but i am happy to report little natasha has FOUND HER VOICE! she sings and babbles words she doesnt know and intermixes all the words she HAS learned these short months.

natasha is going to a very special school with children her age and receives all the various therapies she needs to continue t catch up with her peers.

she is speaking, she is using sign language, she is kissing and loving her family with squeals of delight, she is growing and SHE IS WALKING!

she needs a walker but is taking up to four steps without assistance. she uses a walker and moves like speedy gonzales! she has ankle foot orhotics made just for her tiny feet.

she has longer thicker hair, has gained about one pound a month and has grown almost one inch each month.

she LOVES life, has no enemies, and her only attachment issue is that she might run out of people to love! my family thinks she hung the moon, and her sister who is a whopping sixteen DAYS older than her has fallen in love with her little sis.

life is settling down some finally. i am amazed at how incredibly smart natasha is, a little sponge who is involved with learning english, spanish, sign language and maintain SOME russian.

we go to a russian restaurant locally and she now loves the food. she eats anything she wants and loves potatoes in any form and mexican food! she has overcome so much in life, and is determined and resilient.

i have been trying to figure out how to contact you, eileen, so you can tell my new russian family how wonderfully natasha (now lovingly called toshi or tah-tah, which she says herself!) we are so blessed, so happy and so lucky to have had the great experience you gave us on our journey. we say our prayers and bless you often, thnking you for aiding us in our journey. god's love for natasha has never stopped and even gets better every day!

i have so much to tell you and so many great pictures iwould love for you to post and tell our friends at the library, at the orphanag, and your church.

this is an amazing child and so loved by many. you MUST see us next visit home. we will meet YOU somewhere! you will be amazed!

love always, my dear friend in christ and warrior for our little ones!

hugs from our family,
delaney natalya grace, aka toshi!

Eileen said...

Oh Debi, Amazing but TRUE that YOUR NAMES had just come up in conversation here on Wed, the very day that you posted this! Happened at our sisters' prayer group meeting and our sister Nina asked about you all. Then that evening, I was astonished to see that you wrote that very day with an update. Oh, how Exciting, all the progress our little Natasha is making! Debi, I would be beyond thrilled to see any photos of you all - including (and especially) of Natashinka, of course. Will share them the very best I can, with the orphanage and all. Very soon will be one year!

I see that I have your email address. Will be in touch more there! Hugs to you,