Monday, May 18, 2009

Cincinnati Chili: Cheers for Local Cuisine

What would you like for Sunday lunch, Rosalie asked?

How about something local? What's unique to southwestern Ohio?

Amish cooking would have been perfect, but Der Dutchman is closed on Sunday. So Rosalie's wheels started turning and overnight she came up with Skyline Chili. Oh, I had heard of Cincinnati Chili, their specialty, and always wanted some.

And here it is. Cincinnati Chili is served on spaghetti. It might look low-calorie. But don't count on it. (Double-click photos to enlarge) Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself. . .

Skyline Chili is a chain out of southwestern Ohio. We headed there Sunday after church.

Lucky me. I got to spend time with some pretty special folks. Bill and Lowell, left and right, are elders in the South Dayton Church of Christ. What a fine congregation and I'd say that's thanks to wise leadership, for one thing. Does the local chili have anything to do with that? Well, some things are known only to God. . .

Anyhew, here's the story of Skyline Chili, simply because you might want to know. And yes, dear blog reader, I was thinking of you. . .and you. . . and YOU during lunch.

So Cincinnati Chili originated in Greece. did it?. Hey, I've been there - I've been to Greece. Somehow I missed out on Cincinnati Chili a la Aristotle.

Looks as though this evening I'll be in Dayton area again. Lucky me, I get to overnight at Rosalie and Bill's big huge old farmhouse. And guess where Rosalie wants to go for dinner? Oh, she's a smart woman. . . she knows I like local foods.

A plug for Facebook: Rosalie and I have been friends for some time, thanks to a mutual friend in Dallas (Thank you, Jan!) who realized that we both have connections to Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Rosalie and Bill had visited in 1993 or so, long before I'd ever heard of that fair city, let alone moved there. Eventually Rosalie found me on Facebook and finally we got to meet. Rosalie is a goldmine of information and experience. I want to just listen and take notes when we're together.

How about you dear blog reader, have you tried Cincinnati chili? Any idea where the sauce gets that extra, spicy kick? Or have you managed to connect with a Facebook friend for the first time?


Mike and Lucy said...

We love Skyline! Lucy even makes good Skyline at home. Glad you got to enjoy it.

toddman4000 said...

they sell it in the frozen foods section at grocers around here. i have some, but im scared to try it for fear of a let down..

~~anna~~ said...

Years ago I was told the 'secret' ingredient is cinnamon. I have never acquired a taste for its sweetness. So, you can eat my share!