Thursday, June 04, 2009

FedEx Comes Through

Joy to the world! Here's my new best friend, Desiree of FedEx. She brought me my passport with new visa into Russia. Delivery time: 8:30 this morning.

I'd been glancing outside for the truck FedEx truck way too often, wishing I had a tracking number. But the VIP visa service in Houston assured me that delivery would happen on Wednesday, and so it did.

FedEx: They really do bring The World on Time. Thank you, Desiree! Thank you FedEx! And thank you Dear Lord for another chance to serve in my beloved Russia. I'll be there in a jiffy! As per Plan B . . . or would that be Plan C, D or E? . . . I plan to depart Thursday and be in Rostov-on-Don before the week is out!

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Jeanette said...

Oh Eileen! I SO KNOW the feeling of relief and jubilation when the Fed Ex truck drives up. Bravo Fed Ex! Bravo Houston visa support center! Bravo Eileen for your persistence. And praise God for His faithfulness to continue His good work in and through you in Russia.