Saturday, April 17, 2010

As Warsaw Weeps. . .

The scene near the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, last Sunday evening, 11th April, where the body of the president was lying in state. Everybody was heading toward the palace, thousands of Polish folk were there to pay their respects. Let me tell you right here, that the best two photos are at the very end of this post, about 3 kilometers south of here, both snatched from friend Nicole's Facebook page. More about that later. . .

Near the Presidential Palace. This close was close enough for me, toward the north end of New World Street. (Click photos to enlarge.)

But let's rewind a bit. Here we are on the south end of New World Street, near the statue of Copernicus. Folks above are heading home.

Hundreds of thousands of people were there Saturday evening, someone said. I'd say Sunday afternoon, mega thousands were there as the president's body was returned from Russia and brought to the palace. Toward evening, crowds were thinning out and families were there with children.

A group of Catholic nuns leaving a church of New World Street.

Even dogs wanted to be there.

Candles for sale. Thousands of candles.

Tulips for sale, two zloties each. With 3 zloties - or s0- to the dollar, that would be close to 60 cents each, likely per stem.

A Catholic church, heading toward the Presidential Palace. In this church is the heart of the great Polish composer, Chopin. That was his wish.

Correspondents were everywhere. News crews were busy getting their stories. The interview above went on at length. . .

A street lamp made a handy ladder for this photographer, shooting toward the palace.

This little girl was on a good perch, her daddy's shoulders. Is she shooting in our direction?

Another news crew, interviewing somebody on the street.

This photographer, child and mother interested me. The man was taking time to get the flag, the boy and all just right. Eventually realized that they were family.

Toward the palace, the photographer on the crane, upper left, was clever. What do you think, do the media networks have advance plans for getting the best shots of group events such as this? So maybe they already know where to rent cranes and such. Would you happen to know?

A sea of candles and flowers.

Scouts were enforcing the barriers between the crowds and tributes. This scout noticed that I had stepped over the line. Soon he came and requested that I move back. Got our exchange on this video.

Thanks to dear Nicole Linebaugh Kondracki who showed what she's made of: Nicole and husband Lucas captured those photos before dawn Monday morning. They're hauntingly beautiful ~ the photos, that is.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Warsaw.

Here's the Presidential Palace Monday morning, no lines and no waiting. Fabulous shots Nicole. I'm in awe.

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Alida said...

great photos! such lasting images... so much grief.