Saturday, January 12, 2013

Karl Marx: Insider Information

Here in Rostov-on-Don, Karl Marx Square is a well-known hub of transportation and retail just east of the city center. Karl Marx Square happens to be between my bus stop and our church building so I see the Karl Marx statue in weather fair and foal. (Time out while I check that word. I know it's not fowl weather...although birds do enjoy perching atop his head.) Okay, make that foul weather. And, moving right along. . . .
Karl Marx Square: Captured with cell phone during a steady snow. 

On a recent afternoon, I had a look at Karl Marx' backside, or rather, at the back of his statue, and noticed that he's holding something. It's likely that this has been a secret. Until now.  And I figure that You have a right to know this: Karl Marx is holding a snowball. And we photographic evidence.

Karl Marx and his secret snowball. (Click to enlarge.)

Can only imagine what plans he has for that snowball. So he was really into politics, economics, sociology, class struggle and such, according to Wikipedia. And now we know. . . the rest of the story. He could be a prankster. 
What sort of fun have You had with snowballs? Today a snowball helped me scare the socks off my neighbor boy, Vova, running into him on the sidewalk with his head in the clouds.

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