Monday, March 03, 2014

You Can Win an Olympic Souvenir: 4 Gifts. . . and Going Fast!

Dear friends, here's your chance to be part of Olympic history! You can win one of four limited-edition official souvenirs from the Sochi 2014 Olympic games. Just scroll down to the bottom and leave a comment!

But here's the kicker: Gotta act now. Contest closes in less than twelve hours: Sunday midnight, Pacific Time ~ which is Monday noon, Moscow Time.

Here are the prizes. Oh and are they glorious. . . well, to someone they certainly will be!

Ski Boots Pack. This is nice: there's a zipper there on the back. Totally legal to use for tennies. Or lunch or books. Or Barbies or Legos, if you must. (Click photos to enlarge.)
Round Birch Box with the official mascots of the Sochi Olympics. Didn't you just love them skating at the Closing Ceremony?!
Official Olympic Bandages: Now these will sooth the pain!

Lapel Pin. And you know where to put this.
So there are your prizes. . . and here's the backstory.

In recent days, I stopped by SportMaster here in Rostov-on-Don, to pick up a few little trinkets. Here's what I saw. And here's what tempted me to buy and buy and keep on buying. 

SportMaster Window "Official merchandise, Sochi 2014. Best gifts" Figure skates for 1299 rubles,at 33 rubles to the dollar, that's  about.... 40$. Guess they're vinyl.
Here's the department of things Olympic. The manager, or some nice fellow parading around as such, gave me permission to photograph, and of course I bought enough Olympic loot to make it worth his while. So, up there on the wall, *Department of Licensed Merchandise, Sochi 2014.*
*Buy Olympic Merchandise* I am, I am! Decisions, decisions: What to buy? What will ship?
Official Leopards: Available for a good home. A blue-belted leopard is no ordinary leopard.
Down-the-Hill Stuff. Or perhaps giant frisbees there, far right. How about one of these inner tube-y things? Tempting, tempting, haha.
Hockey team shirt: These might be discounted now, or not: Guessing we're busy grooming hockey players for the next winter games. Go Russia!
Serious about Seat Pads. There are those among us who need more layers posterior. And then. . . there's the rest of us. ;)
Official Mascots inside of their "House of Mascots." Here they are but without their cute little ice skates.
Olympic hopeful 2026? This young lady's got stars in her eyes. All under Grandma's guidance, of course.
Olympic stickers: Two sets given away to classroom teachers. You'll forgive me, I trust. These things go fast, gotta tell ya. 
Silly me, in the heat of the moment, got this hockey puck ~ it was so very cheap, really ~ Got home and weighed it: 250 grams, or so. And at the post office they're so very picky about every little gram. So onto Plan B: The puck's in good hands now. Given to a local physical education teacher, knowing he will help inspire the next generation of hockey players.
Store window: here's the website where you can find more merchandise. Because of course you want to order your own hockey puck. Or official ice skates or. . . snow board!
Comments Please: 
a) Dear friends, please share something YOU ENJOYED about the Sochi Olympics!
b) WHICH prize do you want? (Which one will keep you awake tonight?)

Here's the fine print: 
1) Contest closes SOON! Comment right away! Drawing here in Rostov-on-Don Monday afternoon local time. That means: If you're in North America, enter Sunday night before you go to bed!
2) Prizes limited to folks residing in North America. (See, the prizes I've already mailed to Dallas! Umm, yes. Seemed like a good idea at the time....!)
3) Enter once.
4) Watch this space for announcement of zee Vinners on Monday! We're hurrying and later I'll tell you WHY!


Angela Gschwend said...

I loved all the extravagance of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies! They were both BEAUTIFULLY done!!! Son really enjoyed all the snowboarding events, as well. (Any prize from Russia would be awesome, but we're overly fond of stuffed animals in our house. ha!)

Karen said...

The ice skating is typically my favorite part but this year I enjoyed watching it with my kids the most. Alex said he wanted to cheer for Russia which I thought was really sweet! My first choice of prizes would be the little round box!

Sonya said...

My little Russian angels loved watching the Olympics in their country of birth. They even had to get a map to see how far Sochi was from Rostov on Don. We are all looking forward to traveling back to Rostov on Don one day in the not too far future and allowing them to see where they came from.

Betsy said...

My daughter is 8 and we adopted her from Tyumen, Russia in 2007. She LOVES the Olympics and was captivated by the scenery. She said she was pulling for Russia and USA. I'd love any souvenier of the Olympics in Russia that you could spare. I think I'm too late for your contest, but if there's any way you could mail us some pins, I'd be glad to pay for them.

Angela Gschwend said...

I vote Sonya wins big! :) Congratulations on your angels!

Sara Holland said...

So hard to pick just one moment, but I loved when the closing ceremonies included the Olympic Ring that didn't open. Thought that was a great way to handle that situation!
Sara Holland

Eileen said...

Thanks so much dear Friends for entering! Here's the 4 winners: Angela, Karen, Sonya and Michelle (who's post didn't show up here, but posted on Facebook before the deadline...). Wow, this was fun!