Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Harry's American Sandwich Bread

Photo: Harry’s American Sandwich Bread: “HOW TO MAKE A GENUINE SANDWICH"

A question for State-side readers: Would you say that the sandwich posted at left is typical of those assembled in your kitchen? I thought perhaps not. And I will confess that I’ve never managed to concoct such a Genuine American Sandwich, despite a rather extensive background in home economics.

Not to worry though. The Slavic soul is fascinated by almost anything that is American – or by anything that is purported to be American – including so-called, American-style bread. Or so hopes Harry. The advertisement includes a picture and a recipe for making such a sandwich, necessary because it differs from the typical Russian-style sandwich. Here, a “BYT-er-brod” is open-faced and on a slice of ba-TON, a long loaf of bread.

Just wondering: Do you suppose that American Sandwich Bread would fly off the shelves, say, in Kansas City? Or in Cleveland? Or would folks there prefer Italian bread? Well, next time you find yourself in Russia, ask for some American Sandwich Bread. Get a loaf before they're all snatched off the shelves.

"For the making of a genuine sandwich."


Anonymous said...

For the last several years I've been posted all over the eastern bloc....and it's such a TREAT to find a store with Harry's...whole wheat, cracked wheat, brown or simple white!
It freezes well so I grab as much as I can find as you never know just when...or if you'll see it again!

Anonymous said...

I love Harry's, when I can find it here in Kyiv. Good bread. The part I cannot understand, though, is that it has a two-month shelf life. What the heck is in this stuff?