Sunday, August 05, 2007

Snoozin' at Sheremetevo-2

Next time you find yourself at Share-ye-MYET-ye-vo-2, Moscow's international airport and want to nap between flights, may I make a recommendation. First, get checked in, do Passport Control and then go upstairs. It's a whole 'nuther world up there. I'd say it's a secret well kept from the average traveller. Including me, until a recent Saturday.

I finally persuaded myself to climb that long flight of steps, not something I particularly relish doing with a heavy carry-on bag and a cranky hip. But over time I have noticed airport personnel coming down from 2nd floor after their lunch breaks looking relaxed and comfortably full. My philosophy is, watch the locals and consider imitating them.

So at last, I decided it might be worth the trek. It is now my new favorite Shere-2 hangout. I ended up spending hours there. Hours and hours. Well, maybe two. For one thing, there's a comfortable cafe with lots of empty tables. Not inexpensive, mind you, but there was elbow room galore. After eating a good lunch (read: I figured I had earned the right to proceed on this), I found an empty table near an electrical outlet. That equals the place and space to fire up the laptop and edit photos. And oh boy, have I got some for you.

For the thousands of you who devour this blog -- okay, a slight exaggeration there -- and have been waiting patiently for an update, here's a little teaser, I'm working on a fun little story, another airport story. Maybe I'll attach the photos here in a minute...

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