Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Have a Baby! Win a Car!

These folks did! They had a baby and earned a free car. They'll be paying for *it* for at least 22 years though, according to my calculations.

In at least one Russian city, today is being billed as -- how to put this delicately? -- Conception Day. You'll want all the details of course - who knows, this might fly in Your hometown too -- and all the details are here in a copyrighted story.

Happy...Happy...Car shopping! (Note: a refrigerator or cash are other options.)


Charity said...

That's hilarious! Although I have to say, it seems a little unfair. You'd think by now Danny and i would have earned at least one car . ..

Eileen said...

Oh you've earned waaay more than a car, Charity. There's a loaded-to-the hilt semi over here with your name on it. Only hitch is - it's a do-it-yourself delivery. =) EEmch