Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hello from Kiev

Greetings from Kiev (or Kyiv)! Thank you for bearing with me here as I celebrate my first blogging attempt from an Internet cafe. This place here in northern Kiev is crowded - 72 computers here and "gamers" are using lots of them. So there are all sorts of shouts going up, excitment. Lots of...competition in the air.

This evening we are catching the train at 11:59 pm (sounds like midnight to me) back to Rostov. But we have been here helping with a week-long Vacation Bible School for children here at the invitation of Jim and Marina Noyes who work with a church here in northern Kiev. It's been quite a great week! Six of us came from Rostov and shared a small apartment and we're still on speaking terms! This is good.

1) Suitcases tell a story. The three suitcases on the right belong to three different people and held all the stuff they brought to Kiev for 10 days. Yes really. The suitcases on the left belong to one person and held all the things she needed for 12 days. Care to guess which belong to national folk (Russian)? And which might belong to an American? =)

2) Andrey, son of dear Jim and Marina who serve here in Kiev. Photo at "Statue to the Motherland" - a tribute to surviving World War II. When I get back *home* to Rostov, I'll do some research on this site and share it with you. Quite impressive. These Kiev-ites have been through so much history.

3) Late afternoons and evenings we had free for being tourists. Here should be a photo or two around Kiev. This photo is of (me) and overlooking the Dnieper River. Beautiful view of the Left Bank of Kiev.

4) The VBS - FIESTA was the theme. The photo is of big group time. Fifty-one children came total. There were 25 of us on staff. Lots of fun!

Well, this entry is gonna have to do! Somehow it is ending up looking a different from what I had in mind...but I know that you *get the idea!*

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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Tammy said...

Hi. I'm a missionary in Zhitomir Ukraine (near Kiev). I was looking for other missionaries in the Russia/ Ukraine area and found your blog. I like it! I work with INSTE, a discipleship & leadership training program in this part of Europe. Glad to see other missionaries around too. My blog is I'll check yours to see what's new with your life. May God bless. Tammy