Monday, August 18, 2008

The Air Is Yours: At the Station, Part 2

T-shirts with English expressions are quite popular and I often wonder if folks have any clue what they’re saying as they parade around town. Sometimes I’ll offer to translate.

This nice lady and I both were waiting to board the train from Donetsk to Kiev when I noticed this shirt of hers and thought of you dear blog readers - that's you and you. . . and you and YOU too. And I knew you would Insist on seeing this shirt. If only you knew.

So I offered to translate. It was the least I could do, really, and we enjoyed visiting. And suddenly, it was All Aboard! And there was hardly time for a photo. . .but we snapped real quick like. (Tell you the truth, I was surprised she said allowed me to shoot.)

The air is yours. . . (Am I the last to know this?)

BEACH OUTHPAR (Could this beach have started out as SouthparK?)

Quite inspiration, don't ya think? I mean, just to think that the air belongs to you. That you're forever young. It's effective and all that. Thank goodness the last line is not CAR RAN *OVER* KENNY. That would be a Not SO EFFECT.

Dear blog readers, what t-shirts have you seen with amazingly convoluted English? Did you translate into, like Mongolian or Spanish or whatever? We wanna hear your stories. Remember, the air is yours.


Rob & Candy said...

the comment on this shirt made me laugh!

Eileen said...

Hilarious, huh? Candy, Bet you'll like the next t-shirt picture that's coming up. I've *scheduled* a blog for Saturday if I recall with a cute one (with the "delay-post" option available on these blogs). Thanks for stopping by. Happy t-shirting.