Monday, August 25, 2008

Ukraine: Gotta Love It

Yesterday, August 24th, was Independance Day in Ukraine so lots of folks have today off work. You might wonder from whom Ukraine is celebrating its independance. From the USSR, of course, and that happened in 1991 when the USSR was dissolving.

A dear brother at church, Volera, was telling me about the relationship between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia sees Ukraine as its younger brother, he said. Except that now the younger brother is grown up and likes to think for itself.

That's an interesting perspective and a good analogy. Especially appropriate with Ukraine's bid to join NATO.

Politics aside, care to join me for a look at some of the patriotic promotions around town? These are posted in near our bus stop.

Ukraine and sunflowers. Have you ever driven through fields and fields of sunflowers? Well, I've been on trains that have gone through such fields here and it's quite a sight. Anyway, let's zoom up for a closer view.

This says, Love Ukraine! (The Ukrainian language is based on Russian with a number of differences, including some letters such as the double-dotted "i" as seen above. Plus a number of different words.)

Above is something about the city of Kiev. Let's zoom on in closer.

Oh ancient city of Kiev, You are young forever.

How about you, dear blog reader. Ever been to Ukraine or to Kiev? Please share what you enjoyed about the place.

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