Saturday, October 11, 2008

Missionary Lynn Marries Today

Today Lynn married Victor Stephanovich in Donetsk, Ukraine. Here they are one Sunday in July when I caught up with them. This couple is extra-special.

For one thing, Lynn is a missionary from the US and she's marrying a Ukrainian brother, Victor Stephanovich. Lynn has served in Donetsk nearly ten years and she has known Victor and his family for many years. Last year, Victor lost his wife after a long illness.

Thing is, Lynn hasn't exactly jumped into marriage. No need to announce anybody's age here, but I figure Lynn is on the leading edge of the baby boom generation, which is to say that no one can accuse Victor of robbing the cradle. I'm absolutely thrilled about this marriage. Have to admit to a bit of jealousy though. Lynn gets to live with a native speaker of Russian. This means she's going to zoom way past me with her language skill. Now is that fair?


Sniff, sniff.

Oh well. Congratulations, Lynn and Victor Stephanovich! Wishing you much joy in the days, weeks and months ahead. Can hardly wait to hear the stories you'll have to tell!

PS: Quick update! Here are some photos of Lynn and Victor's wedding over the weekend. Thanks to Ray, Lynn's co-worker for his speedy posting photos in his on-line Picasso photo albums. And thanks to dear friend Melissa for the tip.

Ah, true love. Ain't it just simply precious. Oh, that reminds me of a riddle that came with some Bazooka bubble gum. Question: What did Cinderella say to the photographer. Answer: Some day my prints will come. Love it. Congratulations to Lynn - she waited for her prince. =)

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John from Kansas said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. I wish them the very best.