Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time for a Meeting as We "Fall Back"

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here together in the presence of Father Time and these witnesses to adjust the hour hands in our midst. Our group is diverse yet we share one trait: the ability to measure time. In our midst are those whose sole function is that of being a timepiece. Others report the time as a minor role with serving in other capacities. Each makes a vital contribution. Let us take a moment to welcome our honored guests.

On the left are watches, cell phones and, yes, even a thermometer. Toward the back stand the clocks of the household. In the center front is the computer with its two clocks, yes, amazingly two. On the right are our friends the timers of the home. These timekeepers, while perhaps less complex than the rest, function in a vital way, helping us get through the day in 15 minute increments. In fact, even as we begin to commence the rewinding of the timepieces, one timer is already on duty, counting down the minutes in the task set before us. Blessings on you, dear timer. Not an old timer by any means but still having served long and faithfully.

Our group today includes timepieces with special needs and these require our particular attention, yea, even demand it. The taller timepiece toward the back is the sentinel of temperature out-of-doors as well as within. He does this masterfully and quietly the year 'round. For reasons not fully understood, this fellow reports that today is August 25, 2003. We can help him with that issue. Additionally, he reports the indoor temperature is 28 C, or 82 F, which is correct although certainly not ideal. The indoor temperature is another subject entirely.

The CASIO watch also has special needs. Changing the time on this multi-function timepiece is rather complex and best attempted in private, after a moment of reflection and meditation with the instruction manual close at hand.

And then we have the cell phones, with their built-in clocks. The Motorola at the right is joining us today with a new SIM card and for the first time in a month, this phone lights up and responds. For this we are thankful. And although we could elaborate on that at length, we will spare you the details. At this time, however, the service provider is not recognizing the SIM card but we have hope for a good future for Mr Motorola.

Sadly, Natasha Nokia, the phone on the left is fairing a bit poorly today, comatose at the moment. Moments ago, Miss Nokia fell to the floor, en route to this every meeting. We so appreciate her presence here today and hope that she soon will be functioning normally.

As to the computer before us, the clock is easily adjusted. And we will attend to that shortly. Regarding the new clock gadget on the blog, I propose that we hold off on changing that until tomorrow, Sunday morning at approximately 6:00 a.m. Here's my rationale: It is one thing to change the clocks of a household, clocks all located in a private place. But changing the clocks in a public arena, that's another situation entirely, to mislead or confuse visitors. Having said that, let me add that we will not be arising at 2:00 a.m. to attend to the changing of that clock. Any objections? All in favor say tick-tock. All opposed, the same sign.

So we have it honored guests. Our analysis of the situation has come to an end. Let the semi-annual changing of the clocks begin. Hallelujah! Amen!

And behold the glory before us, the glory of a sunrise in our beloved city. Tomorrow, that sunrise will occur at 6:54 instead of 7:54. And oh what a glorious experience that will be. That of being awakened with the dawning of the new day set before us versus the seemingly unending darkness of night.

* * * * *

Ah yes, beloved blog readers. The changing of the clocks this weekend. At least for some of us, including those here in Russia.

How about you, dear friend: Has the time change ever caught you by surprise? Or, when traveling across time zones, have you forgotten to change your watch? Love to hear that. . . I've got some comp'ny on this.


Charity said...

We in the US of A will be joining you in the time change NEXT Saturday . . . something about conserving energy by waiting an extra week to do the "fall back" thing. I don't even pretend to understand how that works. But at least I can feel good about myself just knowing I'm (unintentionally) doing my part for our environment.

Alida said...

I got to church an hour early on Sunday... our computer had been down and we didn't watch the news so we were caught unaware!

Making my weight loss journey public was the key for me reaching my goal. I struggled for a long time until I realised that I needed a greater accountability than just me and my scale!

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