Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Back to Beautiful Rostov-on-Don

I'm just hours off the train after being forever on the road. Oh look will you at the magnificent sight.

The Rostov train station as seen through the train window. Oh now that is magnificent.

Thank goodness dear brother Misha met me at the station. Off the train and here's the view toward the right. Is that poetic or what. Or what?

And then here's the view left. A misty, moisty evening. Maybe 40-some degrees.

The Rostov train station as seen from the street. Oh dear Rostov, has anyone ever told you how beautiful, beauty-full, bea-ti-ful You Are?!

Oh. . . is it wonderful to be home. And look what's here waiting for me: evidence that I've been gone since. . . since Halloween. Oh is it good to be home.


cindy b said...

Welcome Home! So good to know you are back safe and sound. I love reading your blog and of your adventures. Great photos ... on each of the entries. Yes! the train station looked like something out of a Bogey movie. You are a special friend! Still enjoying the moments of getting to be with you in Kiev!! Blessin's .. cb

John from Kansas said...

Great photos Eileen,and
"TrainShotRight" is a masterpiece.

Eileen said...

Hey Cindy, Thanks much! I'm glad you like the photo - have You been on a Ukrainian train per chance? Ever?

John from Kansas - Welcome back ol' friend. Always so good to hear from you. You gave me an idea - I just now realized, could click on those photos and they enlarge. Now that really is helpful. Bet everybody else has known that for years! ;)