Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Favorite Christmas Songs: Let's Celebrate!

Greetings and a Merry Christmas, dear friends. At the risk of sounding totally out of the loop, I'll admit that my Christmas tree isn't up just yet. Honest! But there's time, there's time, because Orthodox Christmas comes. . . after New Year's on the 7th of January. But today it instantly became festive around here when I dug out my Christmas music and suddenly my little home sweet home was filled with Mannheim Steamroller Christmas and Amy Grant's Home for Christmas. My little canary and cockatiel warbled along too.

And now, with a nod to YouTube and the folks who brought us the internet, I'd like to present three videos of Christmas music for your listening pleasure. First, in the category of religious music is
While Angels Watched Their Flocks and Oh Little Town of Bethlehem - with a new twist, and all a cappella.

Oh, what absolutely magnificent harmony. Presented by the Church of All Nations Singers of Boca Raton, Florida (2005).

Next, in the secular music category, here's The Christmas Song also known as Chestnuts Roasting by an Open Fire, a cappella with David Archuleta, American Idol runner-up.

Now that young fellow can sing! And he manages to do so despite screaming fans.

Finally, in the comedy division, here's Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls as sung - make that as woofed and meowed - by an assorted mix of cats and dogs.

They're so happy to join in the celebration. Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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Andy and Ana said...

The churches of Christ salute You. Hello again! Thank you for the three videos: Acappella Christmas was awesome (in manner of the early church) so beautiful...David Achuleta sounded amazing! And cats & dogs Christmas songs are so precious & cute...Love them all...We are spoiled here in the U.S.A-Thank you for bringing it home full-circle...In Appreciation, ana
P.s. I will show my husband tomorrow, it's 3am here in N.Calif.