Friday, April 03, 2009

Cars Say the ( . . . . ) Funniest Things

Last week I happened upon a car with a message. It reminded me of Silence is Golden, a song from the 60's. You do remember that song. Don't you?

Rather than being golden, in this case Silence, the car would be. . . what color would you say that is? In real life, it was yellow with a few shakes of green. Not quite *leaf of celery yellow-green.* More *avocado pulp yellow-green* or *not quite ripe lemon green.* Whatever you call it, that's the color of the Silence tooling around the streets of Rostov-on-Don.

Oh, and then just outside my balcony window earlier this week, was a car with a message from the 40's.

That whitish car straight on out there, it has a special message. Care to zoom in closer?

Zooming, zooming. . .

Closer, closer. . .

It says To Berlin. Huh? The trusty Oxford Russian-English dictionary says it can be translated capture Berlin. I might have missed something, but I was thinking that that had already happened several, several decades back. Checked with my language teacher, Olga Michaelovna, who explained that at the end of WW2, military vehicles heading from Russia to Berlin had these words painted on the sides.

So the vehicle above might be 1940's vintage. Or it might belong to a person of that era. Or a WW2 buff might have been having fun. Or. . . what? All I know is that that vehicle is no longer parked outside this building. It may have gotten washed. Or it might be flying across Ukraine, across Poland heading toward eastern Germany.

But you didn't hear it from me. After all, Silence is golden, golden. But my eyes can see. . .Silence is golden, golden. But my eyes can see. . .

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~~anna~~ said...

Oh yes, I remember "silence is golden". My 12th grade Language Arts teacher had us doing creative writing each Friday. She would write something on the blackboard and we would have that class period to finish a paper on that topic. Of all of those papers, this is the one I remember. "If silence is golden, what is silver?"
I wrote that "If silence is golden, then silver is the sound of joy". Then I went on to report what those joyful sounds might be. I did get an *A*.
As to the message on that other car? Someone who likes to live in the past? Has lead a sheltered life? Wants to recapture Berlin?
strange...verrrrry strange indeed!

I responded to your last post, but not sure if you saw it. I was just curious why the apartment bldg had so many windows. Isn't it cold there? Wouldn't it be harder to heat it with all those windows? What am I missing here? :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!