Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wonderful Church in Kiev, Ukraine

The best thing about my gypsy life has been visiting churches across Ukraine. One lovely congregation in northern Kiev is the Obolon Church of Christ. And here are some photos. This is a large congregation with 60-some present on Sunday mornings. (Click photos to enlarge.)

A prayer for the children.

A rousing song service.

Most of the songs were in Russian, as I recall, and maybe a couple in Ukrainian. We know that hymns - in whatever language - bring joy to the heart of God.

Listening intently to the message.

People packed right up to the doorway. Being a bit crowded, a rather good problem, seems to me.

What was once a grocery store is now the church's meeting place.

Located in a typical 9-story apartment building, a short walk from the metro.

Listening to the message. The brother on the far right brought the message the Sunday I was there. Men of the congregation rotate preaching duties.

Lunch with a dear mother and daughter at a favorite cafeteria. They travel 45 minutes on public transport each Sunday to be in worship. Always a highlight to be with Christian brothers and sisters and join together in worship. A taste of heaven in advance.

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~~anna~~ said...

I so enjoy reading your blog and viewing all the photos.
I notice one thing that matches the churches here....everyone packed in nice and close. Who needs personal space? highly over rated, right? :)

I do have a question though about the apartment building. It appears to have LOTS of windows. I thought that winters there were quite cold. Wouldn't all these windows make it harder to keep it warm inside?

I updated my blog ~ feel free to visit!
praying for you!