Thursday, March 12, 2009

Budapest, You're Simply Beautiful

Hello from Budapest and the lobby of the Zara Hotel. Taxi's due here within the hour to take me to the train station to head back to Kiev. But before Hungary is history, here are some quick highlights. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

On Tuesday, two hours by train from Miskolc to Budapest through the plains of Hungary. Carpathian Mountains in the distance behind a typical, rural scene.

Welcome to Budapest, the capital city of two million. Parliament building left me breathless. Oh how magnificent. It has 365 turrets but who's counting, right? Funny, got to chatting with some folks from Great Britian today who said, Well it was nice enough. But we've got many such buildings in England...

Here it is again, from across the Danube River, taken from Fisherman's Bastion. Say, does that river look blue to you? What's with the Blue Danube?

Well sure, I'd love to pose with an eagle. Seems as though I've done that fairly recently at another castle. . .

One more shot: Parliament across the Danube. Actually I'm kind of proud of that shot. Is it a sin to be proud like that? Well, moving right along. . .

Still at Fisherman's Bastion, a view of turrets, facing south. This is on the Buda side, the west side of the river.

Remember the Rubik's cube craze? The cube was developed in Budapest, they say. Interestingly, these two fellows got on the metro yesterday and feverishly began working. Seems that they were trying to solve these before we reached the next metro station. The guy on the right won.


~~anna~~ said...

That parliament bldg is incredible (no matter what the British think)
I can't imagine someone actually designing that and then the time it took to build it! So much more pleasing to look at than the current modern creations.
The small town we live in has become one giant construction site. Investors and contractors have taken over the area. All I see is concrete, glass and a whole lot of black dirt coming in my windows!

Eileen said...

Hello Anna, Thanks much for your comment - and to think that heaven will be that much more beautiful, eh? Had to see Parliament in person before it did much for me. Hope your neighborhood and town wil be beautiful *one of these days* after the construction is over. Oh, about your earlier question - Yes! please do link to my blog - I'd be honored to have that connection. I'm at an internet cafe in Kiev after the trip from Budapest. It's rainy grey muddy day but I have to smile because it's SO neat to get a comment about my blog update (as you know, it does take some effort, fun as it IS!)

~~anna~~ said...

Thanks! I've got you added on mine now! Your blog ia always such a blessing to me.

By the way, I just posted a *new* recipe ~cough0cough~ on mine. "Missionary's dilemma treats* (Rice Krispy treats without the Rice Krispies). I'm sure Kellog's will be phoning anyday now asking to list it on their cereal boxes1 :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!