Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hitting the Restart Button - Not So Fast

The heading above links to the blog of Peter Lavelle of Russia Today TV. He notes, From Moscow to Washington, politicians and diplomats appear to be in a bidding war over who can best hit the ‘restart button’ to put life back into the troubled Russia-US bilateral relationship. There is good reason to believe that both sides at the highest political level have the will to make this happen. Unfortunately, recasting the Russia-US relations must also involve a change of mindset in Western media and those who make a living off of Russia bashing. . .

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~~anna~~ said...

Having grown up during the era of the *cold war*, I had it ground in me that all Russians were out to get me. I remember having to hide under my school desk in practice for when 'they' came. How sad that was!

Living outside of the US for 5 years now has changed my world picture considerably. What's 'best' for the US is not always what's best for the other country.

Praying that the LORD will continue to open my eyes to see people not countries.

Hope you're having a great week.Praying for you~