Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Guess Who Came over for Dinner?

After a busy Monday of meetings followed by a joint press conference, President and Mrs Obama had dinner with President and Mrs Medvedev in their Moscow-area estate. One thing to love about Russian folks is their wonderful hospitality. There's nothing better than getting together with folks in their own private home, putting feet together under the same table and sharing a meal. Myself, I'm keeping the phone nearby in case of a last minute invitation. Oh, I'd love a dinner invite to Moscow when a US president comes to town.

Well, in this video, President Medvedev converses some in English. Now come on, dear Obamas, you really can say something in Russian! Learn to say thank you in Russian - spa-SEE-bo - and you'll score huge points with your hosts.

(Thanks to Kyle and Svet for sharing this first on their blog, Windows to Russia.)

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