Saturday, July 04, 2009

Russia Has Its Freedoms

Many freedoms exist in Russia, a fact to which I can attest. One is the freedom to choose ones apparel. This has its advantages. Like the dear grandmother pictured below who was parading around town in this jacket and head scarf on a 90-degree afternoon. She's free to do that, of course. (Double-click photo to enlarge.)

I like her selection of footwear: She went with sandals rather than boots. That's her choice. Welcome to Russia!

Say, do you know a guy who wears shorts and dark socks? He might be Russian. Send him on over. There are others of that ilk here, walking about freely on the streets.

Usually it's dark socks, black leather shoes and shorts. But with his athletic shoes, at least this fellow's going in the right direction, fashion-wise.

Freedom of apparel comes in quite handy. Myself, I've left home, thought I was reasonably presentable but mercy me, was I wrong.

I've been known to combine dark, navy capris with a black top. That's the problem with dressing in the semi-dark. Navy can pass for black. But you know what, no one even noticed. Or if they noticed, no one let on. This is something to love about Russia.

There are no fashion police here. At least not on the street where I live. And for that, I am truly thankful. Then too there's the freedom to plant flowers. Or not. And the freedom to photograph other people's flowers. Or not.

There's freedom to stop and sniff other people's flowers. Or not.

There's the freedom to paint graffiti. Just don't get caught. . .
But these words are very special. It warms my heart just to see this:

Literally, this says God is! That's Russian for, There is a God! This has been up on that wall for several years already. Even better, no one has painted over the message.

There's the freedom to worship, to gather in churches. On the left is the entrance to our church building, the white one there. We are free to worship.

We are free to post the sign at the entrance, Rostov Church of Christ. That's a wonderful freedom that not all believers enjoy. In Belarus, for instance, posting the church name on the building is forbidden. Unless, of course, it's part of the official state church. But welcome to Russia where we do have that freedom.

There is a God! He is alive.
In Him we live. . .and we survive.

For flesh is as grass and the glory of man as the flower thereof. The grass withers and the flower fades. But the word of our God endures forever. (Isaiah 40:8)

Well there's bound to be a way to segue back to the freedom of apparel. But on this Independance Day, guess what -- I'm disinclined to worry about it! Granted, this freedom thing can get taken a bit too far! ;)


Jeanette said...

haha! Love the fashion comments. I Russia you can wear mismatched tops and bottoms, go without a slip, wear clunky's great!

Carisse said...

Eileen, the day lily photos are vibrant and joyful. Thanks!