Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Let's Go Shopping!

Say, care to join me for a morning shopping trip to Central Market? You know, I'm not into recreational shopping. To me, shopping is w-o-r-k. But add a colorful, cultural photo opportunity to the mix and I'm there. So off we go! This includes sound as well as sights because guess what - in recent days I've learned a thing or two about using the movie mode on my still-photo camera. Oh this is exciting. So come along. I think you'll enjoy standing with me on some steps overlooking part of the market.

How did you like that? What a contrast, eh? The magnificent cathedral and than the ordinary little shopping kiosks nearby.

Say, let's sashay on over to the vegetable department. The fresh produce - the bright peppers are so beautiful in August. This video is more a learning exercise than anything. Thought I should tell you that first. Just because.

Note to self: no need to be shrieking out orders to folks - Smile! Smile! - and various comments from behind the camera. See, this movie mode picks up sounds, and so learn to cut the chatter when shooting video. Anyway, the idea here is to get a taste of the interior of the market. And maybe another time I'll add subtitles to translate what's being said, but that's something for another lesson, another video. . .

Thank you for joining me dear friends! Trust you enjoyed our shopping trip as much as I did!


Jenny said...

Very fun - thanks for letting me come along

John from Kansas said...

Very nice Eileen. Thanks for posting.

Eileen said...

Hey Jenny Thank YOU for joining me on the trip to Central Market. Goodness knows you've let me tag along on so many trips back to Calif. ;) I enjoy your blog - and look forward to seeing your twitters.

John, welcome back - I've missed you and your comments. I see that you're one of my (couple of) followers. Thanks so much for stopping by. And maybe you'll have some ideas for things I could cover in the blog. (Just so they're not toooo deep into politics and philosophy and such. . .)