Monday, August 03, 2009

You Would Slow for *Brad Pitt* -- Wooden You?

On a recent excursion, friends and I crested a hill just west of Rostov and happened upon this police car. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

What would you do - Hit the brakes? Seen from a distance does this make your heart quicken?

Let's take a closer look. Could be a genuine police car. Wooden you think so?

Reminded me of rumors that a Brad Pitt-of-sorts works in Siberia as a police officer.

There in the city of Omsk, Mr Pitt goes by the name of Ivan.

So then, here's Brad Ivan Pitt working the traffic in Omsk, Siberia. An Oscar-worthy performance.

Back to southwest Russia and our beloved Rostov-on-Don. . .

. . . and the decoy along the highway.

Here's the scenery as we approach the police car. Fields of sunflowers. By the way, did you happen to know that the Rostov region is a prime grower of sunflowers?

A little further west are fields of wheat being harvested. Beautiful. Again, let us not get distracted and be tempted to drive too fast.

Because suddenly just ahead up pops a two-dimensional police car.

Say, dear blog reader, have you had any experience with a decoy? Police car, Hollywood actor or other?


Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

We see these in Ukraine and Moldova as we travel by car. Some are so real looking that you never know until you are on top of them.

My favorite is when they have a man with a speed gun poster also.

Except in Moldova that was the only speed gun I ever saw was a fake one. :)

Good post.


Eileen said...

Hey Kyle, Thanks so much for your note about - what would we call them - decoys on the highway? I was surprised at first that you've seen several in Ukraine, etc - because I've not seen them in Ukraine - but then again, I've been mostly on the train there (ha).

I always enjoy your blog. You have such good meaty information there. Thinking also about your visa renewal trips. I'm doing that soon. I need to go back and re-read your experiences. I need to telephone consulate too... You mentioned about Telex - I'm not familiar w/ that. Maybe I should check into that...

Oh and your recent entries about blogs petering out, and signs of a blog that's in the process of fading away. Goodness, that put me on red alert. Because I've not exactly set the world on fire w/ responding to comments here lately. Okay, see here's to some catching up.

All the best to you and Sveta!