Friday, October 16, 2009

Moscow: Scrambling for Space in Life and After

(Image from New York Times, photographer Sergei Kivrin)

From a recent New York Times article by Michael Schwirtz: Much of a Muscovite’s life is spent jockeying for space. Officially, some 10.5 million people live in the capital, though unofficialestimates, which include the city’s undocumented immigrants, put the figure at millions more.

On the roads, drivers become knotted in enormous traffic jams, while masses of people twist and tumble through the subway at rush hour. Housing is so sparse that feuds over property deeds are common — and sometimes end in bloodshed.

But, for the families of the 120,000 people who die annually in Moscow, the search for an afterlife dwelling is a singular challenge. . . (read more)

Photos of a Russian funeral and traditional cemetery here in Rostov-on-Don are posted here.


~~anna~~ said...

Interesting article for sure.

Then there's this one from Yahoo News

It shoud lead you to an article on Moscow's mayor planning to stop the snow in his city this winter...

Eileen said...

Oh Anna, thanks for the heads up on that Moscow weather thing. I kept my eyes pealed (peeled?) and there was a story later that came up on ABC news. I linked to that somewhere...think it's on my facebook page. BTW, do you do fb? ;)