Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lady Liberty!

Today Lady Liberty celebrates a very big birthday. Six score and three years ago, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, Miss Liberty was inaugurated by President Grover Cleveland.

Here's the view of Lady Liberty that comes up here in Russia on my Yahoo weather forecast. I have to laugh at that. As though I need a chance to live and work in the USA.

Here's Miss Liberty again in a photo banner. In Russian it says, your country is participating in a lottery. So it's a chance to win a green card. Or something.

Say, talking about the statuesque, here's a lady even taller than Miss Liberty. This is Mat' Rodina (Mother of the Homeland) in Kiev, to commemorate victory over Fascist invasion of World War 2. The former USSR had this thing about massive statues. Look carefully and you'll see me at the base waving to you. . .and you. . . and you.

Here's Mat' Rodina from a different angle. She's located in central Kiev, overlooking the Dneiper River.

Several hundred miles east-southeast in Volgograd, Russia is this statue, also called Mat' Rodina. (See the people at the base?) This represents Mother Russia calling citizens to defend the country during WW2. As you know, the battle for Volgograd was a decisive battle of the war, when Fascist troops were finally defeated. They say that the Volga River flowed red with blood after the battle. But that's where Hitler was turned back.

Here she is from another angle. Visit this statue and the museum nearby and majestic music playing, all very stirring. But hey, let us not digress. These two Motherland statues may be taller than Miss Liberty, but whose birthday is it, anyway?

Now showing at a Rostov movie theater - Lady Liberty decorated with spaghetti and meat balls. She doesn't appear to be too thrilled. Not that we would blame her. . .

Banner - Yahoo! Don't miss your chance!

Oh, but here she is in all her majesty. Dear blog reader, have you visited The Statue of Liberty in person? Please tell us about your visit! And Happy Birthday to that breath-taking symbol of the USA and the many freedoms she represents.

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