Monday, November 02, 2009

Russian-American Adoptee Gives Back

I have a new hero. It's Alex Griffith, 16, who was featured earlier this year as CNN Hero of the Week. Look at what this young man accomplished.

Oh, now you've got me dreaming, Alex, you got me dreamin'. . .

I'm dreaming that these little guys will be adopted, with a mother and father of their very own. Then there will be no lines, no waiting, no competition with 12 other kids to get hugs and affection.

I dream about what these children might become, given half a chance. There's a steady stream of adoptive parents who come to adopt little ones. In fact, one of the little guys in this photo is in the process of being adopted. He keeps asking, Where's my papa? Young as he is, he seems to understand that finally, it's his turn to leave the orphanage. Finally, it's his turn to leave with a mama and papa of his very own.

Meanwhile, back inside the hen house. . .

One of the caretakers designed and painted this herself at home. Just out of love for her little brood.

This little pumpkin is so cute. Look at her foot there planted between the rails. She's a poser already, anticipating a photo shoot with Vogue. How I love a good poser.

Oh and here's little Miss Personality. Look at that. This child doesn't even know me. This might have been the second time we've seen each other. But when I leave, she toddles to the door to see me off. Given a personality like that, doors will open, little chickie, doors will open.

But not everybody's so thrilled. This little Cry Guy doesn't know me either. Talk about terror - yikes! That's okay. A little crying helps develop the lungs. Or so they say. . .

A little cow asleep on the crescent moon. I love you, says the star that hangs on a doorway.

I dream of these children being inspired by the likes of Alex Griffin, to return to their roots and bring such happiness to other children. And even beyond that, to bring joy to themselves, joy that simply can not be bought.

  • Story Highlights (Thanks to CNN)
  • Alex Griffith, 16, was adopted as a sickly baby from a Russian hospital
  • To give back to his birthplace, he raised $60,000 to build a new playground
  • The project was part of Griffith's quest to become an Eagle Scout

How about you, dear blog readers. You may have met some inspiring adoptees or heroic adoptive families. Maybe you're an adoptive parent yourself. Please share some of your experiences and insight. . .


Russian Business Directory said...

Wow, great story. I wonder where the motivation came from to actually do it. He is a go-getter that is for sure. Many of us think of nice things to do like this but rarely take action. Kudos to you Alex!

Anonymous said...

I love these pics that are made in orphanages! I'm very much impressed
of the children's cases and your articles. I found this blog some time ago and I like your posts and your entries about Russia and the living in this country

Anonymous said...

I like your blog alot.

Eileen said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. Orphanage stories are very special, aren't they? I've got lots more too. Say, you might enjoy my short video, Pampering Orphans, posted at YouTube (search Eileena110 to find it).

Susan and Mark said...

I love this blog. We adopted our son 4 months ago from baby home #4. We found a picture of him on your blog from July 2008, when you brought the bananas for the children. In the picture of the boys waiting for their papa, two of the boys were in his group and we just loved them. We have many pictures of them. We are thrilled one is going home! You made our day. We wanted to keep donating to this baby home, as we believe Dr Olga is a strong advocate for all these children and she needs the generousity of others to ensure these children have their basic needs met until the day they meet their mama and papa.We will be donating as soon as we can. Susan