Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pumpkin Fruit Bread

Steamed pumpkin today for making wonderful pumpkin fruit bread next week. Will mash the pumpkin here in a few minutes and then freeze it. Pumpkin fruit bread or muffins is/are always a hit. I hope to make it for orphanage staff for Thanksgiving. Here's easy secret of how to freeze unbaked muffins and then have them freshly baked for a special breakfast. And then here's the recipe. Oh it's so good. So is the batter, by the way. . . ;)

Freshly steamed pumpkin - oh can't you just smell it. Look at all that Vitamin A just sitting there. Fabulous!

Say dear blog reader, what favorite recipe(s) do you plan to make for Thanksgiving? Does your family have a favorite fruit bread or nut bread recipe?


English man in Moscow said...

nice blog !

Eileen said...

Thanks English man! And I'll be highly impressed if YOU make some of this pumpkin bread!