Monday, December 28, 2009

Help *Pamper* Russian Orphans!

Say, care to help *pamper* Russian orphans? A nearby orphanage in Rostov-on-Don is home to 100 abandoned babies from birth to four years of age. Caretakers there buy disposable diapers for the children out of their own meager salaries. During the daytime, they economize with cloth diapers but use disposables at night.

Recently one of the caretakers sat me down, fixed me a plate of sweets and told me how much they would appreciate help with diapers. So, several of us jumped in and helped out. You might enjoy the video of diaper delivery. You can see for yourself how thrilled the caretakers were! I'm telling you, I felt like a rock star leaving the orphanage that day, even though the contributions were from our whole church there in Rostov.

Would you care to join us in this effort? I figure that we can diaper one group of children for a week for $30. There are 10 groups, if I'm not mistaken but my immediate goal is to help with three groups, the older children. So that runs about $100 a month, including taxi transportation to the big discount store where diapers are sold cheapest.

If you would like to make an end-of-year donation, here's how to do it: Make out a check to Prestoncrest Church of Christ and make a notation on the envelope and on the check "Rostov Orphanage Donation." Mail it to the Prestoncrest address: 12700 Preston Road, Suite 210; Dallas, TX 75230-1824. (Oh, and in the near future, I'll want a photograph of you or your group - so that we can post that at the orphanage and give credit to whom credit is due. You can easily contact me about that at

Thank you for considering *pampering* Russian orphans! It's the one thing the orphanage really needs.

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