Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello Natasha - The Whole Orphanage Misses You

Hey little Natashinka, Hello from Rostov! You need to know that the whole orphanage misses you. Here are just a few familiar faces.

Doctor Marina misses you. Oh, here you are together the week before you left.

And here is Nurse Anya. She's pretending like she's going to give you a shot. Oh she really misses getting to give you shots! Haha - hahahah. No really, she misses YOU.

Natasha, do you remember Marina? She took care of you when you in another group. That was back when you were a wee little kitten. She remembers you with love.

Oh Natasha here are a few of your 13 brothers at the orphanage. I know they REALLY miss having a girl around! When I was there last weekend, a few days after you had left, there were still only boys in the group. I'll bet soon there will be a girl or two. But nobody can ever replace our Natashinka. We love you and I hope to see you in about two weeks in Atlanta! Love, Eileena

PS: Natasha, can you find yourself in the photo above? See, back there in the back, toward the left. The pictures a little blurry because you little squirts were all moving around so much. And I wanted to not use flash and risk *waking up the kids* (I had orders you know from you-know-who! hahah). Also I was excited so I probably shook the camera. Any-who, there you are! This was naptime on Monday, March 10th.

And guess what else Natasha - let me whisper this in your ear. I also have a top secret photo of you sucking your thumb at naptime. This will be our secret. Or. . .have you already told your mama and papa about this thumb-sucking habit of yours? ;)

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