Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Spring Flowers

The Eighth of March, International Women's Day, is so much fun, so big an event in the Russian culture, that I can hardly not share all my wonderful photos with you, dear blog readers. By that I mean, photos of wonderful people that (whom) you really do need to meet.

Even cooks need to be honored on the 8th of March. Especially cooks need to be honored. And at the nearby orphanage, this dear lady cooks meals for 100-some kiddos. She managed a nice smile even though she had to work the holiday. She deserves some daffodils.

Wish I knew her name. I'll have to ask because we cross paths occasionally. Either Natasha or Nadya or Lena or maybe Zhenya. I'll have to check. Or Sveta of course. Those are common names for Russian women.

Meet the narcisus lady. Which is quite different than being a narcissistic lady which we can safely assume she is not. On the other hand, she did pose for three photos without complaint and even smiled. Nice narcisus lady.

Here's the tulip lady with a sweet smile. It even sparkles.

May I photograph your beautiful tulips?

Oh go photograph somebody else, I'm no longer beautiful. She smiled and laughed.

That told me she was special, a babyshka smiling and laughing with a stranger, a foreigner at that.

Oh but you have a beautiful heart.

She laughed, I snapped and here she is.


Anonymous said...

i love seeing photographs of random people.

Silverdale florist

Eileen said...

Hello there Silverdale Florist ~ Thanks much for stopping by and saying hello. Random people you like? Random people we got! Say, how about a tulip or a few? Need a March holiday there at the flower shop? How about adding 8th of March to the mix? ;) E