Monday, March 17, 2008

Ranch House Restaurant in Rostov-on-Don

Recently, walking along the street here saw this sign with a cactus, a mustang and I wondered, where am I -- back in Dallas?

That word that looks like pectopah, that word might resemble the English pectorals, but believe me, there is no connection.

It's actually the Russia word for restaurant and pronounced very similarly to the English. Here's the low-down on those letters: the Russian р = r in English, the Russian е = a ye sound in English, с = s in English, т = t (although in cursive, the Russian T is formed like an m in English - as below), о = o, р = r in English, а = a in English and н = n in English. So there you have it!

Worked up an appetite yet? Please join me at the Ranch House Restaurant. We can assume dining there at that ресторан is lots more fun than building pectorals!


Marcelia said...

Next time you're in Lubbock, Eileen, I'll take you to the Ranch House Restaurant here. That's pronounced 'Ranch' with a looong A! ;-) Love the blogs!

Eileen said...

Hey there Marcelia, THANK YOU for stopping by. And such persistance you showed in getting a comment posted! ;) (I saw those earlier tries! You're hilarious!) Ranch House in Lubbock eh? Love to, love to. Think they have a menu in Russian? ;)