Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Comes to Russia?

Walking along the street today I saw this sign and stopped abruptly.

WE ARE OPEN (in Russian), by Jennifer Lopez.

Take a giant step backward and here's that view. It's a clothing store and I almost got shots of the manniquins in the windows. But then somebody came to the door and seemed less than excited about the having the place photographed. Or maybe she wanted to be in the photo herself. Come to think of it, it might have been Jennifer Lopez in person. Maybe not. I'd say she's got plenty going on at home, having just birthed twins, it is reported.

Say, anybody have information about a JLo clothing store coming to Eastern Europe? I'm wondering if this is *the genuine deal* or something pirated -- as in without permission. Maybe I'll stop in there sometime and demand an explanation. No of course not, I'll just nicely ask for the story. But perhaps one of you dear blog readers can provide enlightenment.

Say, if a store carried YOUR name, what colors would you use? What would you sell? (just nice stuff okay?) and Would you consider coming to Rostov-on-Don? Please say DA!

PS: Thanks to Jeanette Morris for finding J.Lo Goes Global in People magazine (2004, March). So. . . this could be 4 real. Thank you Jeanette!


Tammy said...

Eileen, Seems that I saw something JLo when in Hungary in January! I expect it's the real deal!

Eileen said...

Hi Tammy ~ Thanks for stopping by and so I'm wondering ~ did you go in to that JLo store and buy a bunch of stuff? l) Thanks for the feedback though. You know, to tell you the truth, I hardly even know what JLo does. Kind of out of touch with my own culture I guess. But she sings, right? And acts too, in a way, more or less. Seems as though she's in the tabloids a lot, or at least manages to get in the rumor mill... Say, are you back in Ukraine?