Monday, March 10, 2008

A Home for Natasha: Adoption in Process

Today is the day our Natasha leaves the orphanage. Her adoptive parents, a wonderful couple from Atlanta, Georgia are packing up right about now, preparing to check out of Hotel Rostov and then head to the Ministry of Education for official documents. Next stop, to the orphanage to get Natasha and then to *Rostov International Airport* to catch Aeroflot to Moscow and the US Embassy there.

I'm toying with the idea of heading to the orphanage to capture the *goodbye Natasha* scene among staff there. This little girl is beloved and her leaving is bittersweet. Mostly sweet.

Enter SnowMaiden. Natasha had a starring role in the holiday festivities, December 2007. She played SnowMaiden opposite Father Frost. Natasha was perfect for the role. Admittedly she had little competition, being the only girl in a group with 13 boys. Back in Atlanta, three older brothers are waiting for her. Goodness, one girl and three boys. Think she'll be okay with that?

Last June 1st, the children presented a program for the first day of summer. Natasha starred as a little chick but here she is sitting and enjoying the event.

Natasha has a daddy now. He could well be the first man who has ever held her. And, as you can see, she's positively smitten.

On the other hand, Natasha has been held more than the typical orphan, is my bet. Much of her early years were in the hospital for surgery after surgery. Surely male physicians and staff held her there from time to time.

What a smile. This was yesterday at the end of naptime. Does Natasha have any idea what today holds for her? I wonder. Her parents asked me to explain that she would be leaving the orphange today. I wonder if she could grasp that last night was her last sleep in that little bed. That she would be leaving the orphanage today with her very own mama and papa. And they would be taking her Home.

Rather than heading to the orphanage, I think I'll just stay here and work on things. I'm weepy just writing this. Yesterday's photos will have to be enough on this story. . .

We love you Natasha! And we congratulate you on beginning a new chapter in your young life. But one word of advise young lady: If you expect to march around your little classroom in the US and get chosen SnowMaiden without any competition, you're in for a surprise! But I'll let your parents explain all that to you.


Rob & Candy said...

oh, I'm weeping too! My guess is Natasha will be the snow maiden at home with her subjects- mommy & daddy at her side. sooo sweet.
as an adoptive mother to a Russian boy your post as reminded me of what a gift my son is.

Jeanette M said...

That top picture is so precious--such delight on the three faces. I also can't help wondering what all those little boys are feeling right about now...Do they feel hope?

John from Kansas said...

I wish them all the very best. May they all find a loving home.

Mayn said...

Hi all,

Natasha is home now. She is a wonderful little girl that lights up the area wherever she is. We have so many little stuffed toys given us by hotel clerks or restuarant workers. All who come in contact with her love to be around her and enjoy her smile.

I will send Eileen some pictures of the orphanage farewell soon.

Natasha loves her three new brothers. She wants our youngest son to hold her hand and talk with her while she falls to sleep.

We are so thankful to the Russian people for allowing us to adopt her. They were so kind to us on our visits to their country. We are so blessed.

It is very appearent that Natasha was loved by those who cared for her. It was hard for us to watch them all look down at us while we walked out. Several walked us to our car. One of her doctors looked on from a glass window. They took such good care of her.

Anonymous said...

I saw Natasha in February of 2007 when one of my closest friends adopted her daughter from the same orphanage. I thought of this little girl every day from that moment on. We are the lucky parents of two little boys adopted from Russia. My constant prayer was that this special little girl find a family and a home of her own.
The smiles on the faces in the pictures show that this child has found her forever family. I urge everyone to look at adoption as a possibility in their own lives.

Eileen said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by and commenting.

Rob and Candy - hello - again! Your names are familiar - did you comment recently? Wishing all the best for you ~ and your little guy. Good for you!

Jeanette ~ Hope. Hope - that's *the word* right there, isn't it? One little boy got adopted, my very favorite one in fact. Adopted by a local family so I can find them and share the zillions of photos I have of him since is was a little fella. A family from Moscow visited to adopt another but apparently they decided not to do so. The cutest, most loving little fellow but he was being a little rascal during their visit. First time I've ever seen him throw toys!

Hey John, you are the absolute most consistent commentor on any Russian site (I've seen you a couple times over there at English Russia!) Thanks much for being there always. You gave me a scare recently - thought you had deserted us! But now I see Overland Park (right?) show up on the stats. Yeah - that would be you!

Anonymous - hey ANN, I bet that's you - well so much for being anonymous. Thanks for getting the ball rolling with someone for Natasha. Your love for her really opened my eyes.

And oh yes dear MAYN. Thanks so much for your note. I kept wondering when you would be getting in from Moscow - decided it would be Sat sometime. Looking forward to all the scoop. So glad Natasha is with a nice, stable, c-a-l-m family. Have been interviewing some of her caretakers here. Really something, their love for her. Thank you for your kind words! E

Marlee said...

just to let u know! i think that russian adoption is wonderful because i was adopted from Rostov on Don, russia... and i now live in Wisconsin with my wonderful family! i would really like to see my real parents againg but i don't know if i ever will! i hope you find a great home Natasha! maybe my mom and i will come and see if we may want you! <3