Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Eighth of March - National Women's Day

The Eighth of March is in full-swing. Here are some photos from the street.

In search of the perfect flowers for his wife, his daughter and granddaughter.

Picking out flowers for the women in his life - wife, mother, daughter.

See 8th of March live and in person!

Fruit works too as a gift. This is a sweet sight, a young man with flowers probably for his mother and grandmother. A bunch of daffodils in his hand.

Tulips for sale, locally grown from 85 rubles to 150 for a bouquet of three. (24.67 rubles to the dollar today, anybody got a calculator handy?)

What a nice grandmother. I asked her about the 8th of March holiday when she was young, back during the war. She said they were busy giving bread to the soldiers.

A clever story, How to Treat Women on Women’s Day, in today's Moscow Times.


an_american_expat_in_germany said...

hi! here's a handy-dandy trusty link that i *always* use when i need currency conversion -

Eileen said...

Hello over there in Germany! Thanks much for your note. I'm trying right now to visit the site you shared - it's almost loaded but being slow at the moment. Thanks much for giving me that address. I usually just whip out the ol' calculator, but nice to have this site. THANKS! E