Sunday, March 02, 2008

Voting in the Rain, Just Voting in the Rain. . .

Today's voting agenda and the weather bring to mind that classic musical Singin' in the Rain, not that anyone's whistling it on the street, you understand. Still, I've been asking folks if they've voted yet and the best answer was from the cookie lady in the market.

Oh of course I'm going to vote after I get off work. But they've already decided the results even without us,
she giggled. The voting's just a formality.

Three flags are flown out in front of poling places: the local Rostov-on-Don city flag, the Rostov Regional flag (similar to a state) and the flag of the Russian Federation. With the wind and rain, the flags are all blown and twisted around the flag poles, so no good flag shots to share. Still, I hope you 'll enjoy the following images.

A ballot box with the double-headed eagle, emblem of Russia. (Photo courtesy Yahoo! News)

In Moscow this huge poster is up near the Kremlin and it has gotten lots of attention from posers and photographers alike. Newlyweds in their wedding attire kissing in front of it and here a couple of pigeons undoubtedly pondering their civic duties. (Photo courtesy Yahoo! News)

Meet some of the folks who voted. See President and Mrs Putin as well as Michael Gorbochev at their poling places. (Video courtesy of

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