Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23: Honoring Defenders of the Fatherland

Today is a big holiday across Russia. Once known as Red Army Day, it has evolved into a men's day of sorts.

Nowadays it's appropriate to congratulate males of all ages, from aging veterans who have seen things they'd rather forget to little tykes who defend their toys from rivals. That reminds me, I've got two big packages of Pampers to deliver to the orphanage. I can't think of a better way to honor some of my favorite little fellas.

Seriously though, I think of the men here whom I appreciate so much: Brothers in our church who provide spiritual leadership, neighbors who have rescued me in various ways. Typical gifts would include flowers - dark colored, nothing pastel the florist guy told me, chocolate, cards.

Wish I had some Empire State muffins in the works but the main thing today is to honor the men in our lives. You see, Women's Day is just around the corner on the 8th of March. That's such an over-the-top holiday that I say we need to torque up 23 February to provide some balance. So Congratulations, Guys!!! I'm going to get busy here in a minute and send out some text messages. Misspellings or not, I think they'll be pleased!

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