Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Shall Assemble. . .

You need to meet Elena Lalaevna, 88, our oldest sister who is basically confined to her little one-room apartment.

I'm always in need of a Russian grandmother to call my own, so I elected her. Elena Lalaevna likes my chicken soup and I like the candy she foists upon me. When I was there recently, the indirect sunlight was reflecting so nicely off her face.

We decided to sing a bit, no small feat when we're without a songbook. But you might recognize this little snippet. It's *We Shall Assemble.* Have to admit, it's best when *the person* behind the camera shuts up and lets Elena Lalavena take it away!

Only thing, it's hard for Elenea Lalaevna to receive graciously. She's a retired nurse of WW2 vintage as a matter of fact and besides candy, wants to give me plastic bags, tea to drink and such. And I tell her that what I need most from her is her prayers. Love these moments with a dear, elderly saint.

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