Tuesday, May 04, 2010

And So Begins Dacha Season

We're wrapping up the May Day weekend here in Russia, a holiday that has evolved in recent years. Back when the Communist Party was in its hey-day, the 1st of May was a day to show solidarity and involved a military parade through Red Square. You might remember May 1, 1960, the most memorable May Day ever. On that day, a U-2 spy plane from the US was shot down over Siberia and the pilot, Gary Powers, captured live.

Folks remember May Day of earlier years with nostalgia, when they attended the local parade as a family, kids dressed in their Young Pioneer uniforms, all marching behind the red flag with the hammer and sickle.

Nowadays, the parade is more low-key and folks hurry out of town to their dachas to get started on their vegetable gardens. In fact, the city is significantly quieter with so many people gone.

Care for a first-hand look at a Moscow dacha? Sashlik is on the menu!

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