Monday, May 17, 2010

Crunchy Crab Salad

Got dinner plans? How about some crunchy crab salad! Crab salad is popular here for special occasions and this version is a twist off the usual. Typically it's crab, hard-cooked egg and corn for the basic ingredients. But this we'll call Crunchy Crab Salad because it's got some texture thrown in there.

(Click photo to enlarge.) So the crab we buy packaged and ready to go. It's probably that imitation crab with lots of added salt. Okay, whatever. This version has chopped celery and cucumber then canned corn. A bit of onion, parsley, mayo, salt. Oh, this recipe throws in chopped apple. I used a tart one, a Granny Smith. Got this recipe out of Liza magazine, can't take credit for the jazzed-up version.

This made a big container for our brother Volera who's in the hospital and dear wife Lyda, who's staying there with him. See, in the hospitals here, the dietary department is scaled way, way back. Seems as though the hospital provides a basic sustenance diet - like thin soup, bread. Mostly it's family who feeds the patient. He's flat on his back, so here's hoping this can be spoon-fed easily to someone who's horizontal. Myself, I scarfed down a bowl of it likity-split.


Jeanette said...

Love this lower-carb version of the one I usually make (that includes white rice) No lemon in your recipe? Does the tart apple give it a bit of zip?

Amy L said...

Hi Eileen,
Remember me? The very blessed adoptive Mom that sat behind you on our trip from Moscow to the states?:)
Can you email me? I have a question from a very dear friend who is also adopting a little girl with Ds.

David said...

I always wondered what they put in those tasty salads. I know if had something like this one and the Salad Olivier. Looks delicious!