Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And the Winners Are...!

We have three winners! (Blog in progress. . . ) Last night, Sergei ~ more about him in a minute ~ drew the names of our winners. A piece of this dinnerware will go to each winner. This pottery is made in the Rostov area and it's shipped across Russia, I'd reckon. . .

So here are the prizes: From left, the *Cash Stash* (AKA ash tray), ceramic picture (or spoon rest) and salt dish (or holder of rings and things).

Meet Sergei. He was the right person to draw names. You see, Sergei was born in the Ukraine, immigrated to the U.S. last year and now lives in Dallas. All with some help from his wonderful new mom and dad. ;) Any-who, Sergei announced that Winner #1 is "V!" So, V, you get the little plate with the Orthodox church! (Dear V, please contact me at eileen.emch@gmail.com ASAP with your mailing address!)

Winner #2 is JEANETTE! So you get the *cash stash!* Yeah Jeanette! (Please contact me with mailing information!)

And. . . Winner #3 is Susan and Mark. So you get the salt dish that you wanted! Please contact me ASAP (eileen.emch@gmail.com) with your mailing address!

Here's Sergei as per his refrigerator photo. He loved drawing the winners. But, bless his sweet Slavic soul, he was near tears feeling the pain of those who didn't get a prize! His mom and dad, Steve and Stephanie, wisely explained that the non-winners wouldn't be sad ~ in fact, they would be happy for those whose names were drawn. Right?


V. said...

How exciting, thank you! Sergei, thanks for being such a wonderful assistant.

Jeanette said...

I believe you have my address. If not, contact me via email:


Yeah! I'm glad I'm a winner!

Tesney said...

This is way too much to type in a comment, so I'm going to leave my email address if you'd like to email me back. My husband and I are adopting a little boy from the Pskov region...he's four and has Down Syndrome. Anyway, I was googling "From Russia with Love" because it's the name of another blog I read and came across your blog. Lo and behold, as I was reading your posts, I saw a familiar face...Wiley Dean. Oh my word, it's truly a small world! Wiley and his family went to camp with my family when I was a child. How crazy! Anyway, we hope to be in Russia very soon to meet our son. It's been a very long and grueling process...again, too much to put in a comment...but we know that God is sovereign and we trust him to complete the work he has started in us. Nice to "meet" you. tesneydavis(at)hotmail(dot)com.


V. said...

My plate arrived at the end of last week and it's beautiful- thanks again!

sara said...

Congrats V and what a handsome young man. Perfect choice for the drawer of prizes.