Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Prizes for You: My Favorite Russian Pottery

Dear Blog-reading Friends, Just to thank you for being there, for swinging by and saying preevyet from time to time, brought some little gifts for you back from Russia. Oh, they're just little bitty things, but they're a few of my favorite things. For you. . .and You. . . and YOU!

(Click photo to enlarge.) Here are a few pieces I very seriously considered packing. The tea cups and the sugar bowl got nixed. . .

See, this dinnerware is made in the Rostov area. It's called Semakarakorsk, or something very close, named after the village in which it's made, several hours south of Rostov. I've come to love it and have scads of it. This is just my back-up stash, for when company's comin'. I did consider bringing a few pieces of my stuff to pass along. . .

But, in the end, I packed the usual, a big ol' bunch of these little salt dishes. And one's a prize for a lucky winner. You're not obliged to use it for salt, you know, it works great for jewelry. Or stray buttons. Or salt, especially if you use coarse-grained salt and like to sprinkle it on your food.

And then there's this little thing. With an Orthodox cathedral, a Cossack horseman mounted on his trusty steed. This is made to be hung. But you can use if for a spoon rest. Or for paper clips.

Then there's this that I'm sacrificing from my personal stash. Haha. Actually it's been in a box but it deserves a good home. It appears to have been designed to serve as an ashtray. But who smokes, anyway? Certainly not me, so let's call it. . . a button dish. Or a spare change dish. Hey, we could call it a cash stash. Kinda rhymes.

So, here's the drill to enter the drawing: 1) Leave a comment with your name or nickname. 2) Indicate which prize you would prefer ~ wish I could guarantee that you'd get it. . . but. . . 3) Share something about your interest or connection with things Russian. And that's it.

I'm hoping to draw three winners on Monday. I'll do my best! And dear friends, this is just to say thank you ~ spaceeba ~ спасибо ~ for your faithful support of From Russia with Love through thick and thin! When you come to Russia, you'll see this pottery lots of places, it's quite popular.


Jeanette said...

Priviet! It's Jeanette!

I hope I win, because I love these dishes and will find a way to serve up a dollop of Russian cuisine in whichever one I am lucky enough to receive.

Everyone who knows me knows I am an unabashed Russophila! No room in my house is safe from some kind of Russian decoration, art, or icon

Anonymous said...

I love the piece with the orthodox church on it, as it reminds me of the one in Rostov and our many trips to the market there.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I adore Rostov pottery!!! I have the same tea set (from 2001). I would have brought home the whole store if it would've fit in my suitcase. Do you know if they ever made a plate set to match that tea set (I will send you a FB photo of my set). I would be happy "winning" any piece and would reimburse you for shipping. Connection/Interest.....Rostov is my daughter's homeland.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gesture! My connection with Russia - many trips to teach Character for Kids program with Carolyn and David at the university...and now, many precious friends there.

But my work is now in Romania. LIving here gives me so many more opportunities to serve. I believe you and I live "the good life!"

Don''t put my name in the drawing. I have a couple of pieces of that beautiful pottery. Let someone else have one.

Love you. God bless. Anne

Susan and Mark said...

Hi.. It's Susan from New York. We are fast approaching the one year anniversary of bringing our precious son Jesse home from baby home #4 in Rostov on Don. We were able to collect a few home made Russian pottery pieces when we were there last June and August. We would love to have either the salt dish or the "change" tray. We saved some rubles for Jesse and either piece would make a beautiful storage momento for him when he gets older. He will turn 4 this August. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing these gifts and keeping us connected to this beautiful city.
Susan and Mark, New York

Susan and Mark said...

Hi it's Susan and Mark from NY. We would be honored to recieve any of these gifts The salt dish or "change" tray would be the perfect storage for the rubles we brought home last August when we finalized the adoption of our son Jesse, from baby home #4. We cant beieve it's been almost a year. We love staying connected to his city by reading your blog, and would love to share this beautiful pottery with him as he gets older. He will turn 4 in August, and this would be a special gift for him.
Susan and Mark

V. said...

Our family friends lived in Vladivostok in the 90s and your site reminds me of the newsletters they used to send out. I've always found it so interesting to hear about living in such a different culture.

I would prefer the plate with the cathedral and Cossack horseman, because of the beautiful colors and to me it is the best visual representation of the culture. Thanks for the chance!

Kate said...

I just washed my son and daughter's bowls of Rostov pottery after eating, of course, soup. Then I came to the computer just to see if I could find anything on this pottery that I love so much and lo and behold...your blog!! I am thrilled!!!

My son, Sasha, and daughter, Alyona are bio siblings from Rostov-on-Don and have been home for 4.5 years. I too would have brought home the entire collection in both stores we visited while we were there if only I could have. :o)

I continue to travel to Vladimir and Pokrov, Russia just east of Moscow and have never seen this pottery anywhere but Rostov.

We would be so pleased if we were chosen to recieve any of your wonderful pieces. I do believe my favorite is the dish with the hen. Just darling!

Will be bookmarking your blog and checking in regularly. SO glad to have found you.


Eileen said...

Hello Kate, Thanks much for your note and interest in this pottery. Thing is, the offer of the give-away for summer of 2010... I've already given away the goods!

Semakarakorsk china is a favorite of mine too... I was thinking that they have a website (?). Oh, and the factory is in the Rostov Region (the Russian system, similar to a state). The factory is located in the town of Samakarakorsk. ;)