Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to Matroshka Doll Class

A person obsessed with matroshka dolls would be called what - a matroshka-phile? You know those wooden nesting dolls, the most popular souvenir of Russia. Well, I bring back several of them each trip I make to the US and right now, being stateside as I am, (Greetings from Beautiful OHIO, by the way!), I've got Russian souvenirs on the brain. Matroshkas, in particular. Say, care to join me for a behind-the-scenes look at matroshka painting?

First stop, friend Julia's studio in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Julia's matroshkas are magnificent, in a league of their own.

Say, let's try our hand at matroshka painting. Here we can join a class already in progress.

Back to dear friend Julia, cranking out another set of matroshkas.

How about you? If you were painting a set of matroshkas, on what theme would you paint them?


Charity said...

Eileen, i can't believe i just missed talking to you! i hope you're having a great visit and a wonderful spring. Thanks for the tea and souveniers!

Eileen said...

Hello Charity! Hope the tea will bring back memories of your time in St Petersburg. Yes, sorry we didn't connect but who knows it just might work out yet. Looks as though my travel schedule is getting tweaked some, thanks to visa delays, so I might be able to get back to Dayton area. Would be neat to see you and your wee ones. I have a neat photo here (found in my storage boxes) taken in 1986, we finally figured, and you're in there and lots of other young cousins, all of whom have been quite busy in the last 22 years! Have a copy for you. We all standing around dear Grandma Jenny Bauman, your great grandma...