Friday, April 25, 2008

When a Friend Turns Fifty: Time for a Bouquet of Prunes

When a special friend has a big birthday, it's time to have a little fun. Dear friend Karen hit FIFTY this past week and that called for something special. My cousin Joyce, party planner extraordinaire, and my host here in Beautiful Ohio, recommended a prune bouquet. So that's what we did. Ever heard of a prune bouquet?

This bouquet was delivered to Karen at work and happened that she was in a serious telephone conversation with a client. That makes it all the better. Apparently the conversation went south pretty quickly when the bouquet arrived, but knowing Karen, she recovered quickly and with aplomb. Especially now that she's FIFTY years old and has had decades of experience dealing with surprises.

So, here it is, a plant with 50 prunes poking out on skewers. It's the price to pay for turning 50. Just between the two of us, this arrangement is different that what I requested of the florist. As you know, communication can be a tricky, even when people are speaking the same language. Especially when the conversation is about something as outside the box as prune bouquets tend to be. I had (thought I had) asked for the green plant, 50 prunes on 50 skewers and then white baby's breath in-between as filler. So next time, I'll know to ask the florist to repeat back to me what she thought I said. Either that or find a florist who specializes in bouquets of prunes.

Here's dear Karen in a recent photo. This photo doesn't do her justice but then again she was being stubborn about how to pose. Shrieking, as I recall, about not wanting to be at an angle. Okay okay, but you'll be sorry, I thought to myself. So this serves her right for turning FIFTY as well as arguing with the photographer. Figured she'd be more cooperative after eating a few prunes. ;) Happy Birthday Dear Karen!

How about you? Participated in any mischievous gifts for friends' Big Birthdays? Been the recipient of others' gags? Please share!

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Kay said...

Happy Birthday, and nice picture, btw. Doesn't look a day older than 36.