Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Family for Natasha

Until Thursday at the airport, the last I had seen Natasha was in Rostov-on-Don at the orphanage. But now she has a wonderful family and -- lucky me -- I got to spend nearly 24 hours with them at their home near Atlanta between flights from Moscow to Dallas.

Think Natasha will be happy here? It's likely! ;) Now she has three older brothers and a mama and papa of her very own. Not to mention two cats. That's every orphan's wish, you know, to have a family of her very own. Cats are optional.

Natasha and her mama with gifts from an orphanage administrator. I got to courier things for Natasha - a stuffed toy that says I love you in Russian, some doo-dads for her hair and a bunch of jewelry that appears to be diamond-studded. To Natasha, the gifts are more precious than jewels - or, at least, the love they represent.

Natasha listening to a cassette of kind words from orphanage staff, including several of her former caretakers, a couple of whom had cared for Natasha from infancy.

With Natasha and her wonderful mama at an Atlanta restaurant enroute to the airport.

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Mayn said...


Thanks for stopping by! Natalia loves to listen to her friends. I wish we knew Russian. She enjoys chatting. Thank you so much for the tape. She loves to look at the pictures too.

Natalia is learning English quickly. She loves to call me several times each day and talk on the phone.

She and I play a game all the time. She points to something and says pa-RUS-key ... and then the word. She then looks at me and says STO pa-en-GLEE-ski? I've been learning a lot. She learns even more!

You just missed an excellent display of dogwoods. They were just starting to come out on your visit.

I love the south in the spring. Between the dogwoods, flowering cherries, and wisteria, it is so beautiful! We are so blessed. Many flowering shrubs are in bloom too. Natalia loves all the fe-DEUTCH-skia (flowers).

I'm horrible I'm sure with Russian. Please correct, and have a great visit while in the states!