Thursday, May 22, 2008

My New Best Friend: The FedEx Man

Yippee - Yi - Yay! Oh joy oh delight this morning when the FedEx guy rang my doorbell. I'd been waiting for him. He handed me my passport and Russian visa. He is definitely my new hero. Wish I'd asked his name.

So I plan to depart Friday and arrive Saturday in Moscow, the good Lord willing. Thank you everyone for prayers and concerns for this visa. Thank you Russian consulate in Houston for the one-day-turn-around ($450), to FedEx for the overnight deliveries ($25 each way) and to Delta for getting my ticket fixed up ($280-ish).


Ebermann said...

Great that you got the VISA!

Welcome back to Rostov!

The Expatresse said...

I thought the visa wasn't valid if you don't enter the country with it . . . I have heard of people doing this, but thought it was risky.

Eileen said...

Hello expatresse and thank you for your comment. I arrived Moscow Shere-2 airport Saturday and did the usual - getting immigration card stamped and such. Tomorrow a brother from church will take passport and immigration card to OVIR for registration. That's standard procedure and nothing risky about it...Perhaps we're misunderstanding each other somehow. Please feel free to clarify... and thank you for stopping by to stay hello. By the way, lovely fur hat! =)